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Q: What type of wax is in the machine? 
A: Our current stock of wax is manufactured by Bubblegum Surf Wax using our own custom molds. Each bar of wax is approximately 50 grams and designed specifically to fit our machines. Sticky Bumps also make a "Bit Bar" that fits our machines. You will have to hunt those down through your current distributor...or reach out to them directly. We continue to reach out to wax manufacturers in order to expand our wax offerings, with plans of additional wax choices in 2022.

Q: Will the wax melt inside of the machine?
A: What an original question! Our machines are lined with insulation, and they are well ventilated along the sides, top and bottom. We have had over 50 machines in service for the last 6 years and only one report of melting. In Southern Florida we had one machine with a melting problem. The machine was mounted on a wall that got sun all day long from morning to night and over a blacktop parking lot.....worst case scenario. We moved it to a place with less sun exposure throughout the day (not no sun exposure) and it never happened again. Just don't mount the machine in the depths of hell.

Q: What sort of maintenance is required?

A: The best maintenance is simply checking on the wax levels once every week or two. Problems mainly occur when you let the machine run empty. When the machine is empty, it no longer accepts coins. Some people take this as an invitation to crank the dials as hard as they can....thinking it's jammed. This sometimes ends up bending the paddles inside the machine, which could pose a problem. It's not like this happens every time the machine goes empty. Just don't abandon the damn thing for a month.


The good news is everything on this machine is made of metal...and metal bends. Most solutions involve simply bending things back into place. That means replacing parts is hardly ever necessary. You do not have to spend money to maintain this machine. Other than that....WD40 is recommended to clean surfaces and lubricate all moving parts..

Q: What if there is a jam or problem that I can't resolve?
A: We are building a resource page with some videos to help you problem solve common issues, including coin jams, paddle alignment, general maintenance tips etc. After 6 years in service, these machines have proven themselves to be easy to fix, requiring nothing more than a screw driver and a wrench. Sometimes neither. 

Q: What if we don’t want the machine anymore?
A: All sales are final....but if you really don't want the machine, please contact info@waxvending and we may consider buying it back from you at a discount.

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