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Q: How do I know if it’s ok to put a machine outside my shop?
A: We check with your city clerk and/or building department regarding vending machine laws and ordinances before installation. If there is no specific ordinance against it, you're gold. If there is, we put one up anyway and cross our fingers!

Q: What kind of paper work do I need to fill out?
A: To be considered for a vending machine - you must complete an application and submit to After the machine is installed at your shop, we recommend claiming the vending machine on your mercantile license and filing a permit with the city. 

Q: What type of wax is in the machine? 
A: Wax Vending wax in manufactured by Bubblegum Surf Wax using our own custom molds. Each bar of wax is approximately 50 grams.

Q: Will the wax melt inside of the machine?
A: Our machines are designed to prevent such occurrences.  With adequate ventilation and the use of insulation material, the issue is non-existent.

Q: What if wax is stolen or machine vandalized? Who is responsible?
A: Not your problem, not your responsibility. Wax vending will not hold you accountable.  We will take active and immediate measures to address all issue.

Q: What if the machine is malfunctioning or fails to dispense wax?
A: Contact and we will issue appropriate repairs.

Q: What if we don’t want the machine anymore?
A: WaxVending will reclaim the machine at our earliest convenience.

Q: What sort of maintenance is required?
A: No maintenance is required on the part of the surf shop with the exception of switching out graphics and collecting quarters on a monthly basis.

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