Machine #148

Machine #148


Pre-Owned Condition

  • Machine Body: Excellent
  • Coin Dials: Look Great, Function Great
  • Locks: Refurbished
  • Graphic Fasteners: 2 of the 3 fasteners work. Top fastener is stripped. The graphic will remain secure in the frame with just the two.
  • Back Panel: No Bend


Signs of Use

Many of our used machines have a slight bend in the back panel. This manifested over time from surfers, shop owners and employees tugging on the enclosure when the door is locked. You can see in the photos that the deformation is minor. It does not impact the function or integrity of the machine. All machines lock easily and securely.


Exposure to the Elements

These machines have been directly exposed to ocean air since 2014. Seven years later, a slight pitting has developed primarily on top of the hood, and around the lock body areas. These minor surface defects occur naturaly, do not impact the integrity of the aluminum enclosure and largely go unnoticed after the machine has been mounted.


Have more questions about the machine? Go to our FAQ page.


  • WD40 is recommended for cleaning the outside and inside surfaces of the machine. It works very well to clean the aluminum, and is also safe on the decals. Other cleaning agents may damage the decals. Stick with WD40!
  • Always check your machine to ensure there is adequate stock. When stock runs out, and the machine is not refilled in short time, the chances of the machine getting jammed or acts of vandalism taking place go up.
  • The machine has stickers that say $1....Insert Four Quarters...and a visual depiction of two quarters being inserted to each side of the dial. With that being said, this is a mechanical vending machine....yes, things happen....wrong amounts of change get inserted, kids stick pennies and dimes in to see what happens. It is your job to inform your local surf community about the machine, let them know it costs $1, and to be prepared with 4 quarters!