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Wax Vending machines are wall mounted outside local surf shops to provide surfers with 24 hour access to surfboard wax year round. They are mechanical, constructed from anodized aluminum, insulated, ventilated and built to withstand the elements.

The machines vend wax for $1.00 (four quarters) and require zero electricity to operate, offering a reliable and desirable service to dozens of local surf communities.

The best part about wax vending...we never take a dime from surf shops. Our machines and wax are free for shops who apply and qualify.


Surf shops keep 100% of the quarters that go in and Wax Vending takes nothing. Make cents?

So how can we afford to provide free wax and free machines to surf shops?

Our wax vending machines are designed to provide more than just wax to surfers and additional income to surf shops. Wax Vending offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage with a true core audience. Their support helps make #TOTALWAXESS possible and helps to continue the flow of free wax and machines to surf shops.

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